Ghost Pepper Sea Salt

With a sneaky and savory-sweet kick, this is one of the hottest all natural salts in the world! Careful, compared to the bite of the King Cobra, this will heat sneak up on you but the flavor will keep you coming back for more! Use it when you’re cooking, or as a finishing salt.

FLAVOR PROFILE • Vegetables, Seafood, Meats, Poultry, Fried Food, Popcorn.

INGREDIENTS • Sea Salt, Naga Jolokia Pepper.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

I love this salt!!. It has a great salty heat to it that I add to ALL my meats, most notably; my steaks. Its perfect for a great strip steak! This was the first salt I bought and i cant recommend it enough, because of this salt, I'm gonna try some other Hepp salts. 

Best Thing EVER

I literally put this on EVERYTHING!  Soup, salad, meat, vegetables, pasta, pizza, even fruit.  It does NOT change the flavor of food, it only makes it BETTER AND HOT!

Donna Theimer
Great cooks should use ghost pepper salt

just a pinch of this salt added to potatoes while they are cooking changes them from ordinary to extraordinary.  Careful not to use too much because it can get hot.  I literally use my fingers to pinch some salt and that is how much I use.  I recently ran out of my 2.5 oz pouch (it lasted about 3 years). I refused to let my husband buy a replacement bottle from the 'olive infusion' store because Hepp's Ghost Pepper salt is one of.a kind and a staple spice on almost everything I cook-a little pinch can go along way.  This my favorite spice Ever!

Spicy, tasty, useful, funky

This salt is a great way to add interest and spice to any pedestrian dish. Sometimes you just want to add bite.

Kelly H
Totally addicted!

I learned of this product via The Thrive Market and now I order it directly from her. Best salt I've ever tasted! The flavor is amazing...nice balance of bold flavor and spice that does not take away from the flavor of the food you put it on. I literally put it on everything from salads to bloody marys, margaritas, meat, popcorn, veggies, etc. Definite thumbs up from me!!