COMBO PACK Including all 3 Varieties of Steak Salt.

HEPP’S HIMALAYAN FLAKE is known as the cleanest and purest salt in the world. Defined by its versatility and unique snowflake crystals , this might be the last Steak Salt you will ever use.

Ingredients: Mineral Flake Salt

HEPP’S GARLIC FLAKE is a delicate flake salt that combines a blend of sea salt and roasted garlic. This salt is an absolute ‘must have’ for any garlic lover.

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Roasted Garlic

HEPP’S SMOKED FLAKE is made with a robust amount of natural smoke to deliver a unique flavor to any dish. Smoked using only natural wood, this salt is a perfect combination of salt and smoke.

Ingredients: Natural Smoked Sea Salt

HEPP’S Salt Co. was created with a vision to reinvent the way you think about salt. We only use natural sea salts with no additives, or anti-caking agents, just pure, high-quality sea salt.

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