Spice Alley Opening This Weekend at Hollywood Farmer's Market Featuring HEPP'S Salt!

April 05, 2013

Hollywood Farmers' Market Introduces Spice Alley

spices-generic-shutterstock.jpg Photo by AlexeiLogvinovich via Shutterstock
Bright seasonal produce isn't the only vibrant thing that'll be rolling into the farmers markets this spring. The Hollywood Farmers' Market will be opening up Spice Alley next month, offering all sorts of gourmet items with a focus on global flavors. The joint project of SEE-LA and the EaCa Alley Property Owner’s Association, the new “Spice Alley” will feature spicy foods, spicy drinks, music and spice vendors every Sunday. They'll be celebrating their grand opening on April 7. The Hollywood Farmers' Market, which runs every Sunday from 8 a.m.-1 p.m., is one of the larger, chef-driven gatherings in Los Angeles in addition to the famous Santa Monica markets. “We envision ‘Spice Alley’ almost like a mini Moroccan spice bazaar attached to the Hollywood Farmer’s Market,” said David Gajda, property owner of the Café Etc. and St Felix buildings, in a statement to the press. “After a morning spent shopping at the Farmer’s Market, visitors can pick up some exotic spices to flavor their meals—then sit in one of EaCa Alley’s restaurant patios, enjoy some live music, have a spicy cocktail and try new dishes that’ll zing their palates.” In terms of spices in the Alley, there'll be smoked salts and blends from Hepps Salt Co., gourmet spiced ketchups, preserved lemons, piri-piri, and harissa from Hollywood Star Farms, grains and beans from Rice & Beans in Silver Lake, exotic teas from World Flavorz Spice & Tea, and gourmet herbs and seasonings from Zesty Herbs & Spices. Prepared eats from Berlin Currywurst, La Velvet Margarita Cantina, and others will also be available. You can check out the SEE-LA website for more details.
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