DID YOU KNOW... Is Kosher Kosher?

March 22, 2013

Did you know that many of our HEPP'S salts are certified kosher?  It is true and the good news doesn't stop there all of our salts are 100% anticaking agent and chemical free.  With the Jewish passover holiday around the corner it dawned on me that many of our HEPP'S salt fans may not be aware that we can be included in kosher meals.  It got me thinking and inspired me to take a trip to my local market to see the other "Kosher salts" on the market.  What I found was just about every advertised Kosher salt on the shelf has two ingredients instead of  one salt and yellow prussiate of soda otherwise known as anticaking agents.  It got me thinking since the purpose of "kosher" is to be pure/ suitable for fitness and consumption according to the dietary or ceremonial laws is this yellow prussiate of soda really considered kosher since it is a chemical additive??  Or is putting the name Kosher on the box good enough for the big box salt companies?  Which leads me to my next point there is another meaning of kosher salt which is just having larger flakes than regular table salt so is your kosher salt really kosher??  You might want to take a look in you pantry at home and see how many ingredients are in your box of kosher salt, It should just simply say one ingredient, salt.  It can be very confusing so I decided to make it easier and less confusing for everyone below is a list of all HEPP'S sea salts that are kosher certified, and chemical free, with HEPP'S we make it easy you get 100% sea salt. HEPP'S FLEUR DE SEL: The creme de la creme (or sel de la sel) of salts, this organic compliant salt is filled with trace minerals and is naturally low in sodium. With a rich yet delicate flavor, the world’s greatest. Chefs use it as the immaculate choice for bringing out the natural flavor in all foods! http://www.heppssalt.com/finishing-salts.html HEPP'S RED CLAY SALT: Transform your food into a sacred experience by utilizing this traditional fusion of Hawaiian sea salt with Alea - a red Hawaiian clay used for purification and ritual. With a high mineral count and a rich brick-red color, this salt can be used in a multitude of ways including finishing, cooking and rubs. And when rubbed on meat, the mineral clay hardens, thus helping to seal in natural juices! http://www.heppssalt.com/cooking-salts.html HEPP'S HEPP'S BLACK LAVA SALT: This Obsidian hued Hawaiian lava salt adds brilliant color and texture to any meal. This is truly a beautiful finishing salt that adds a clean taste and stunning color to any meal. http://www.heppssalt.com/finishing-salts.html HIMALAYAN PINK: Revered for being the cleanest, purest, and healthiest salt in the world because it contains over 84 trace minerals! Throw away your ordinary salt and use this beautiful salt for all of your cooking, baking and finishing needs! http://www.heppssalt.com/cooking-salts.html HEPP'S KOSHER FLAKE: Drawn from the Pacific Ocean, this all - natural unrefined flake is an excellent multi-purpose salt that is perfect for cooking, baking, brining and finishing. http://www.heppssalt.com/cooking-salts.html HEPP'S SEL GRIS: From Guerande, France, this moisture rich salt is a perfect replacement for your everyday salt needs. In addition to it’s high mineral count, Sel Gris is organic complaint and lower in sodium compared to other salts! Use it for cooking, baking, brining and as a finish! http://www.heppssalt.com/cooking-salts.html
HEPP'S AUSSIE FLAKE: This delicate peach colored salt is mined directly from the Murray River Basin. Delicate and crunchy, it resembles a snowflake and is the most versatile salt you will find with it’s ability to bring out the flavor from steak to chocolate and everything in between!

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