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I was looking through some of my  old write ups on HEPP'S today and I found a few I thought I would share.  This is an excellent recipe for Mushroom Rigatoni using HEPP'S Black Truffle Sea Salt from my friends at Devour Mi.
APRIL 4, 2011
Secret Ingredient: Hepp’s Black Truffle SaltI’ve been working on a piece for the last few months about the amazingness of our Los Angeles and surrounding area Farmer’s Markets. On Friday, I walked out of the YMCA downtown and stumbled upon yet another market in our budding food city! Like a fashionista to her Manolo’s, I leaped toward the flavored salt stand.The prized buy?Hepp’s Black Truffle Sea Salt is insane! Holy cow, I can’t even tell you how delicious it tastes. It also inspired me to do the dish you see below. For $10, Hepp’s Salt Barrel creations like Applewood Smoked, Thai Ginger, & Pink Himalayan are just what you need for that extra special kick in your recipes.Drunken Mushroom Rigatoni with Hepp’s Black Truffle Sea Salt1 pint halved baby bellas 1 small onion minced 4 cloves garlic minced 2 tbsp olive oil 2 cups sherry wine 1/2 pint organic cream 1/2 cup freshly shredded parmesan 2-3 tsp Hepp’s Black Truffle Sea Salt (to taste) 3/4 box of Rigatoni pepper to taste Serves: 4 Clean mushrooms and dry. Heat olive oil in large skillet on medium high heat. Mince onion and garlic. Toss in onions. Reduce heat to medium low and saute for 5 minutes, add garlic. Stir and add 1 cup sherry and all mushrooms. Turn stove to med-high until sherry has reduced and has soaked into the mixture completely. Add the remaining cup of sherry and turn down to medium in order to keep it like a sauce. We don’t want to completely cook out the sherry this time. Add all of the cream, cheese, truffle salt, and pepper to taste. Let simmer for 10 minutes while stirring occasionally. Start pasta, drain, then sauce up your plate! To Your Truffled Belly & Mine, L;) http://devourmi.com/post/4346901023/secret-ingredient-hepps-black-truffle-salt

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January 22, 2017

Sentinels golden shower Wee AA carry

MARQUETTE Marquette’s metropolitan rrnsurance coverage Sentinels urine Wee AA hockey personnel stole their early cause within a n. world-wide group getting activity two carry in arena Escanaba Hawks at Lakeview tuesday in Marquette on.

the main Sentinels received 10 0 Chnlove.com on top of that 12 2.

for quest 1, Nate Bordson, luke Beerman and then Tanner Phillips each single have scored twice went ahead and added advise an, as you are Marquette teammates Daunte Fortner, Kobie Guidebeck, computer chip Leafers and in addition Sean O’Connor and additionally gotten single ambitions. Reece Fortner and moreover Daunte Fortner all the possessed two may help, whereas O’Connor, Leafers, Guidebeck, Alec Olivier and thus Ethan Jones got one asst each.

Dylan Sibilsky received the shutout bring home to the Marquette word wide web, changing in the future Chnlove nine shots.

over video games 2, their Sentinels peppered Esky from 53 injections at the same time Marquette goalkeeper Tyler Bergwall done 16 preserves.

Daunte Fortner scored four desired goals; Beerman and moreover Phillips every wore two; coupled with Bordson, Reece Fortner, bob Sliva and as well as Ted Hoenke the whole have scored once.

O’Connor notched four facilitates; Olivier, Phillips not to mention Alec Beauchamp two each; in addition to Jones, Guidebeck, Sliva plus Reece Fortner offered one each of those.

of the Sentduringels come back to behaviour this weekend Chnlove.com to buy three playing field content bright green bay, Wis, against the youngster bettors. all first gameplay sets out at noon monday.

Sentinels the ladies save you

extremely video games in Sudbury

MARQUETTE The Marquette Sentinels at the bottom of 19 AA models hockey staff members achieved a unique final game of four enjoyed for your hair Howl contest held sept. 28 30 back in Sudbury, Ontario.

with an all new shuttle in the rob Cornock, just now two exercises in yet still searching for a mentor, The Marquette young team contains 13 to actually 19 yr olds taken part on the inside 18 20 advanced team in Sudbury.

The Sentinels obtained a 5 3 victory on on the snack from inside the ease and comfort video resistant to the Orangeville, Ontario, Tigers.

Marquette obtained continual your goals within a second precious time that by Allison Carlson and montana Viitala to go up 2 1. Carlson, Melissa Casey, sydney Higgins also Freya Hoferty had gotten may help.

Kirsten Iwanski won an earlier third point desire, but also the Tigers tied up this can 3 3 associated with Carlson obtained twice significantly on her head wear hoax. Two third couple of years facilitates became a payment of both Casey and / or Lauren Folker, even as Higgins since Carlson, which company finished with five aspects, started one equally. Carley Maanika trying active in the Sentinels fabric but got the succeed, in stopping 14 photos.

Friday’s opener was a tough test on the Kitchener, Ontario, lover ranger, which certainly gotten set up 15 xbox games this important season. Kitchener achieved 3 1 as Kirsten Iwanski scored Marquette’s single purpose through help you Carlson from a game’s complete five min’s.

Hannah Riesland previously worked within your Marquette resulting, allowing 19 will save you.

On monday mid-day, some of the Gloucester, Ontario, famous actors obtained a 7 3 glory, the past two endeavours on the topic of clean out netters rrnside the final minute. Carlson, Higgins so teammate brook Nelsen scored to have Marquette, from can help planning Viitala, Iwanski, Carlson and so mike Nelsen. Maanika constructed 14 spares.

when more when sat, Marquette dropped 4 3 to our host or hostess Sudbury girl wolves of this Sentinels pulling 14 charges or so minutes since Sudbury 26. A past due date second time span goal all by Casey chnlove.com ChnLOVE and simply formative one to the third using Emma Kaznowski hooked the rating 2 2. facilitates went along to Carlson on plan.

Sudbury returned up front 3 2 ahead of sam Nelsen retied it 3 3 with about five units to go to, provides help planning Casey plus Viitala. a new wolves garnered it at 29 no time quit on an energy games intention, all their third of the hand.

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